Sunday, 23 April 2017

Persian against Other Persians

Gordon sent me piccies and a short report of a Persian civil war that took place in Glasgow a couple of months ago. Time to put them on here:

2000 pts is a lot of Persians. I had 90 colonists, 72 other HC, 84 LC, 72 infantry and 40 skirmishers. As the legitimists to Simon's rebels, the armies lined up as follows:

On my left lots of SI bow then 6x8 fig LC in the first line and 4 x18 colonist columns in the second with a 16 fig colonist and and 18 fig persian HC in line. Then another LC and a gap to three widely spaced 24 fig hoplites (2 in column and the elites in line)

Facing the cavalry the rebels had 6 x 8 scythian horse archers backed by 3 x 12 LI hillmen and 2 HC units then there was scythed chariots and in the centre 48 kadakes, 48 elite hoplites and 48 kardakes. 

My right had 2 x 18 HC persians 16 armoured cavalry and a further 18 heavies with 3 x 8 scythians on the flank. I kept 12 HC elites at the back. 

The rebels faced these with 2 armoured HC units to the right of the kardakes and then columns of colonists.

Three shots of army deployments.

A couple of ground level shots.

Both sides advanced except for my foot which sensibly hung back. I intended to shoot up the Scythians and then finish them off with my LC before performing a giant Austerlitz type wheel with the colonists. I couldn't hit a thing and the LC became embroiled in lengthy melees. The weight on this wing did eventually destroy the forces opposing them but the rebels had held up a large part of my army with a smaller part of their own. Things went disastrously for Simon on my right where my horse swept all before it as his morale collapsed and my dice tore holes in his units. In the centre this infantry had all of mine on the brink. However I had kept a unit of colonists back and it wheeled onto the end of the infantry (passing a missile halt test in so doing). The break of the end Kardakes unit took the rebels above their break point and the failure of morale of the elite hoplites removed any chance of a draw.

Finally, three action shots of the game in progress:

It's always good to see the Persians in action!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Starting a New Army: Ancient Germans

Strangely enough, I don't think I've ever painted the early Germans before. However, since they are making a suitably grand appearance in our slowly ongoing campaign, I thought it was about time:
For the infantry, I'm using Old Glory (28mm, of course). The idea is to use a limited number of colours for the clothing, mostly browns, off-whites and greens, except in the case of the wealthy ones who can afford things like cloaks and swords. Some of those even have colourful trousers.
Shield designs will be a mixture of plain, Veni Vidi Vici transfers, and Little Big Men Studios decals. LBMS does make a series of transfers to fit the Old Glory shields, but they are more Celtic than Germanic. I won't be using those because I want to keep them for the Gauls and Scordisci in the dim and distant future.
That limits my choices of LBMS somewhat, because the Germanic ones they make for other manufacturers all have a central hole for the boss, while most of the shields that come with the Old Glory figures have central spines. So I've been sourcing shields from other manufacturers that I can use with the LBMS transfers for Foundry and War-games Factory. This will give me something like four basic shapes: round (which do come with Old Glory); oval (Essex Miniatures. amongst others); large hexagonal (Irregular Miniatures); and oblong (Magister Militum).
Basing is a lot of Faller grass stuck in various places, along with flock of different kinds. I want these to have something of an overgrown look to them.
Here is how they look next to Companion Miniatures Romans. The Germans are a bit taller, although the Romans have an unsporting habit of wearing helmets to make themselves look bigger.
Another comparison shot. I like the idea of Germans charging Romans from behind...
And here's how they look in mortal combat. The Romans are definitely chunkier, but when you look at them from tabletop distance they are fine.

If I'm going to do this army properly, I'll need shedloads of them. I'd love to be able to play games with the likes of the Cimbri, Ambrones and Teutones, and of course Ariovistus and Arminius. I have to say that I am really enjoying them so far, and my limited painting time is being used to the full, especially over the spring holiday weekend. When I get to them, the cavalry will probably be by Crusader Miniatures, but I'll stick with Old Glory for the masses of infantry. There will be many of them - I feel a proper horde coming in the distance...

Sunday, 2 April 2017

On the painting tray: April 2017

Germans. Thousands of them! Well, the start of a large ancient German army to squish Romans. I'll be using Old Glory (25mm) with various shields and designs to get that wild and woolly look. The plan is to produce eight warbands of 48 figures, an elite warband of 40 figures, and two units of loose formation warbands/light infantry with 36 figures each. I'll then need 36 heavy cavalry, and maybe another 16 light horse. Plus command bases, of course. That should make a nice tribe. I'm thinking of making this my standard barbarian horde compostion for the period, which means I'd like to do the same numbers of Gauls and my old favourites, the Scordisci. And if I feel the need, I shall of course double the numbers to make some decent-sized armies...

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Some Numidian Standard Bearers

Six bases of Numidian light horse with standards of various kinds. Figures by Navigator:
These will see action soon as Gaetulians fighting for Jugurtha. I'm planning to run our next campaign battle as a rather large affair over the spring break at work. Quite a few people have expressed some interest, and since I have the figures, why not?

Saturday, 25 February 2017

The last of the Numidian foot

...well, until I end up organising Juba's legions, that is. These are the last of the current batch of North Africans, another couple of 18-figure units for the final confrontation between Jugurtha and Bacchus on the one hand, and Marius and Sulla on the other:
These are by Crusader Miniatures, deployed as loose formation foot for those patches of scrub and rough ground that Romans don't like.
I painted them in dirty whites and other colours.
The picture above shows the mixture.
I did enjoy the random shields. Nice and easy to paint.